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Eco Warrior - Social Sustainability: Australian Brands Balancing Profit with Purpose

Originally published 6 September 2019 by Sara Pull on The Eco Warrior Princess  Read the full article here Social Sustainability: Australian Brands Balancing Profit with Purpose There are layers to sustainability; environmental, political and social factors to consider, and so many different areas within the sustainability ‘umbrella’ where brands can actively create positive change. One environmental initiative we have previously covered that all businesses can become involved in without directly doing the frontline leg work is 1% For The Planet but there are many other ways brands can ‘give back’ to people and planet and drive a more sustainable and just future. Below are some brands and companies across various industries that are leading the way, working to balance their profits with social and environmental purpose. Justice Denim This...

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Sydney Morning Herald & Age Newspaper Feature

Originally published 13 May 2019 by Cara Waters in The Age Newspaper and The Sydney Morning Herald Read the full article here Fashion industry turns to 'woke' denim "Once upon a time people couldn't even care less," says Debora Schultz, the founder of Justice Denim. "I feel there's a growing awareness around who made the clothes and how they are being treated and what they are being paid." Denim jeans are ubiquitous but their popularity comes at an environmental and ethical cost. Denim is produced using large amounts of water and synthetic dyes and, like the rest of the fashion industry, manufacturers often rely on badly paid workers working in poor conditions. Awake to injustice Fashion businesses like Justice Denim are seeing growing...

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Sandblasting: the hard truth behind your worn-out jeans

Distressed jeans are everywhere, and for good reason too. Worn-out denim is the perfect balance between on trend and timeless fashion; minimal detail but detailed enough; dressed up but equally dressed down. But hey, you already knew that... which is probably why you’re reading this now! What you may not have known however, is this high-street honey comes with a dark secret. Unbeknown to the everyday consumer, the rips in our everyday ‘high-street’ jeans are actually the cause of harmful and incurable lung diseases among factory workers. Sandblasting is process that gives denim that ‘pre-worn’ look that we all know and love. To manually sandblast jeans, workers are equipped with a hose, an air compressor and sand. The process? Literally...

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The Fashion Advocate Feature

Originally published 2 April 2019 by Claire Goldsworthy Read the full article here JUSTICE DENIM JEANS ARE ETHICAL, SUSTAINABLE, AND EVERY PAIR SAVES A CHILD FROM SEX TRAFFICKING Debora Schultz is a passionate ethical fashion advocate with a long list of impressive industry credentials. With over 20 years of experience in the styling and fashion industry, Debora is a well-renowned speaker, celebrity stylist and mum of three. Most recently, she added 'Founder and Designer of Justice Denim' to her impressive list of talents, and now, she's determined to change the denim industry one pair of ethical and responsibly-designed jeans at a time. Debora refuses to give in to the exploitation of garment workers that so many other fashion brands do, for the sake of...

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Eco Warrior Princess Feature

  Originally published 30 January 2019 by Sarah Pull Read the full article here Denim is a staple in any wardrobe, whether you are doing Project 333, have a capsule wardrobe, only purchase from a conscious label or second-hand there’s no doubt that denim holds a place for every individual’s style. I personally love vintage denim and can’t go past a pair of Levi’s but if you’re after something more refined that doesn’t compromise your values there’s two new home grown (Australian) denim brands that have two very different approaches. Justice Denim Born and bred in Melbourne, Justice Denim works with last of the great denim craftsmen in Australia. Launched just four months ago, the brand is already having a positive...

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