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10+ Brands For Australian Made Jeans & Denim

Origionally posted by Brittanie Dreghorn
August 30, 2020


Australian’s fashion manufacturing industry is making a comeback. While the industry had its hay-day before the country entered into free trade agreements in the 1980s, the demand for ethically produced fashion and locally made garments has seen the reintroduction of brands big and small producing their garments onshore. Denim is a part of that – and despite being a laborious garment to produce, Australian brands are meeting demand and making top quality, affordable, ethical jeans onshore.


7. Justice Denim

Justice Denim is committed to doing good. From its onshore production to its distribution of profits, the brand ensures ethical production and refuses to be a part of human exploitation. As such, every pair of Justice Denim jeans funds four life-changing weeks of education for a young and innocent child who has been rescued from the sexual slavery and illegal labour trade. Justice Denim delivers this through its partnership with Project Futures and Destiny Rescue. The brand’s range of vegan-friendly jeans are hand-cut, designed and distressed in the streets of Melbourne, by some of Australia’s last great denim craftsmen. This onshore production is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

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