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Jamie Azzopardi - Celebrity Stylist

Blog Post by Jamie Azzopardi - Celebrity Stylist
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When you hear the statistics the facts will shock you! Alarmingly every 26 seconds a child somewhere in the world is forced into sexual slavery – the international Labour Organisation estimates that this equates to 1.2 Million children being involved in sexual servitude annually and that the average age of these children, boys and girls, is 15, with a life expectancy of 7 years and this is why celebrity and television stylist Debora Schultz created the new brand Justice Denim. With over a decade in the industry the well known and respected fashion worker and mum set out to create a profound effect and give people a quality product that works to fund the stoppage of the world’s child sex slavery epidemic.

Specialising in producing a range of ethical jeans with an enormous conscience the brand is locally and responsibly designed. The premium denim offering roll out this summer with styles for every woman. From a high-waisted skinny jean to maternity jeans the brands philosophy is a simple one and showcases their love for slow and sustainable fashion that offers a solution rather than more problems.As an advocate for responsible and ethical manufacturing the brand ensures all products will be made by hand-crafted denim specialists on Australian soil and every pair sold will directly help. Destiny Rescue who are dedicated to reaching and rehabilitating children whom have suffered unspeakable horrors.

Make sure you check out some of the range belowas well as a little from behind the scenes of how these incredible Justice Denim pieces are made and I urge you to buy a pair for every woman you know! You can rest assured that in a pair of these incredible denim you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

 Written by Jamie Azzopardi

Jamie is a celebrity fashion stylist, content creator, social media influencer & arts/ culture blogger from Melbourne Australia.