Jeans that Do Justice to Humanity - Melbourne My Style


When a television fashion stylist with over 9 years experience announces she’s launching a denim label, most people would take note. But when the label in question has been created primarily to help halt the world’s child sex slavery epidemic, then the reaction is likely to be far more profound.

Enter Debora Schultz, the Melbourne based wardrobe stylist for leading network personalities including Kate Waterhouse, Francesca Cumani, and Rachel Finch. Putting the glitz and glamour of the fashion media world temporarily aside, this busy Mum of three is on a clear mission to make a mark through Justice Denim.

Justice Denim specialises in producing a range of ethical jeans with an enormous conscience. Locally and responsibly designed, these premium denim jeans, are underpinned by a vision to help break the cycle of child slavery through the brand’s intrinsic link with not for profit organisation Destiny Rescue, who are dedicated to rescuing & then rehabilitating children from sexual slavery.

Alarmingly, every 26 seconds, a child somewhere in the world is forced into sexual slavery. The International Labour Organisation estimates that this equates to 1.2 million children being involved in sexual servitude annually, and that the average age of these children is 15, with a life expectancy of 7 years. Every single pair of Justice Denim jeans will fund a week’s training for a child rescued from a brothel, on top of an annual contribution the brand will make to Destiny Rescue’s general rescue fund.

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