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Treading Lightly Feature

Originally featured in November 2018 Read the full feature here According to a group investigating the impact of fast fashion in the United Kingdom, The Commons Environmental Audit Committee, in the UK alone, 235 million items of clothing were sent to landfill last year.  The same group says 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions were produced by the global fashion industry in 2015 in the process of textile production – more than international flights and maritime shipping. While those figures are sobering in themselves, it is not only the impact on our environment that the fashion industry has to answer for; it is the impact on the people and their wider communities who produce the clothes in less than desirable...

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Jamie Azzopardi - Celebrity Stylist

January 16, 2019 Blog Post by Jamie Azzopardi - Celebrity Stylist Originally posted here  When you hear the statistics the facts will shock you! Alarmingly every 26 seconds a child somewhere in the world is forced into sexual slavery – the international Labour Organisation estimates that this equates to 1.2 Million children being involved in sexual servitude annually and that the average age of these children, boys and girls, is 15, with a life expectancy of 7 years and this is why celebrity and television stylist Debora Schultz created the new brand Justice Denim. With over a decade in the industry the well known and respected fashion worker and mum set out to create a profound effect and give people...

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Jeans that Do Justice to Humanity - Melbourne My Style

When a television fashion stylist with over 9 years experience announces she’s launching a denim label, most people would take note. But when the label in question has been created primarily to help halt the world’s child sex slavery epidemic, then the reaction is likely to be far more profound.

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