To us the idea of responsible design is tri-fold. It must be ethically manufactured and accredited, hand-crafted for quality and sustainably made to reduce waste. 

Each pair of our jeans is handmade in Melbourne. And we make our jeans fairly. We refuse to participate in the exploitation of garment workers in dangerous and brutal overseas factories. And we work closely with the last of the great denim craftsmen in Australia. 
Independently audited and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia we are passionate about ethical production and quality, and we try to leave the smallest production footprint possible. We are small, focused and determined to make a difference. 

As advocates for the slow fashion movement, we place the longevity and quality of our denim pieces at the core of what we do.  Through our championship for slow fashion, we believe pieces should not be worn once, and thrown away, but instead, be worn, repaired or up cycled.  

As part of our commitment to slow and sustainable fashion all of our products will be ethically manufactured on Australian soil by traditional denim-makers, hand-crafted for quality and sustainably made to reduce waste. 

We create the patterns, test the designs and package up each pair of our jeans for our amazing buyers.  

Read more about our efforts in sustainability here.