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We are excited to to be sharing our sustainability journey with you. We are PASSIONATE and aim to build a brand that is truly sustainable. A brand that is a positive influence, that inspires and educates people to change their buying choices, and is part of an amazing growing community of beautiful souls wanting to change the world. 

Every single item of clothing you buy impacts the life of a person, most likely a woman, somewhere in the world. It is important to us that every thread, zip, button and stitch in our supply chain does no harm and brings life to everyone that touches it.

Sustainability isn't black and white, and it is going to take us some time, but we are determined and constantly working on ways on how to become more ethical and sustainable. Here is what we have done so far... 



At Justice we also understand that cotton production and the dying of denim has an environmental impact. We are working hard to continually improve and source new denims with the kindest impact on the environment. 

We currently source the majority of our Denim from Calik, a premium denim factory in Turkey. Calik is accredited with the Bluesign certificate, which is considered as the global approval of environmental, health and production safety.  Calik is also a member of "Better Cotton Initiative" – an international initiative working towards improving the environmental and social impacts of cotton production.

Calik has implemented waste reduction methods such as "Eco-save" production method - developed at Calik's R & D Centre, the amount of waste has been reduced by 70%.

We work to ensure a zero wastage model by donating all of our denim off cuts and scrap denim to quilters who recycle them into quilts and other projects.  



It is shocking to believe that slavery still exists today!  Every year Australia imports more than 5.5 billion dollars worth of fashion at risk of being tainted by modern slavery.  Modern slavery is present in garment factories with the majority of workers being women, and horrifyingly sometimes children.

Even for those workers who are paid for their work, the majority do not make enough to live on, keeping them trapped in poverty. In Bangladesh for example, the majority of garment workers are paid as little as 39c an hour. In Vietnam is is just 64c an hour. Its just not enough to live on.

With an estimated 27 million individuals enslaved around the world, we are passionate about bringing awareness to modern-day slavery in hopes of ending this global atrocity. We refuse to participate in the exploitation of garment workers in dangerous and brutal overseas factories. 

For us,

Ethical production is a commitment to a different way of doing business.

For us, Ethical production is a commitment to a different way of doing business. It's about putting the principles of fairness and decency before profits. This means that we are committed to paying our denim artisans fairly. It is for this reason we have decided to produce our garments right here in Melbourne with local Denim Craftsmen.

Independently audited and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia we are passionate about ethical production and quality, and we try to leave the smallest production footprint possible. We are small, focused and determined to make a difference.

 However we also understand that the purchase of fabrics and trims from overseas can have implications that we are not aware of. We are working our way through our entire supply chain all the way to the where the cotton is picked and sourced. As we uncover more, this may mean we change some suppliers, and for those that remain we are ensuring they are able to sign a Child Labour Clause, Living Wages Clause and Freedom of Movement Clause.



The fashion industry is at a critical point. An estimated 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually from the fashion industry and is estimated to increase by about 60% between 2015 and 2030, with an additional new 57 million tons of waste generated annually.  These statistics are sobering. We work to ensure a zero wastage model by donating all of our denim off cuts and scrap denim to quilters who recycle them into quilts and other projects.  


Fashion is becoming increasingly disposable for Australians, with almost a quarter of people admitting to throwing out clothing within just one wear.  Unfortunately, we, as first world consumers, have gotten ourselves into the fast-fashion cycle. 

As advocates

for the slow fashion movement

We place the longevity and quality of our denim pieces at the core of what we do.  Through our championship for slow fashion, we believe pieces should not be worn once, and thrown away, but instead, be worn, repaired or up cycled.  

Should you no longer wish to wear your denim we encourage you to get creative so they do not end up in landfill. Perhaps consider having your denim altered, or repurposed into new items. Repair your denim with patches or trims, donate to your local op shop to give your garment a new home, or even return the denim to us to recycle.


Lets talk about sandblasting, the process that gives denim that coveted ‘pre-worn’ look. You may be shocked to know that the process of sandblasting puts the men and women who are distressing your jeans at incredible risk of dying from diseases such as lung fibrosis, silicosis and emphysema. 

The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) documented its investigation on six denim factories in the South China province of Guangdong, an area responsible for half of the world’s jean production. Of these six factories, the CCC could only confirm that one of them had completely dropped their use of sandblasting. Three of the factories claimed to have officially banned sandblasting, but interviews of the workers suggested the opposite.

It was for this reason we have decided to ensure all of our denim distressing is done right here in Australia by other ethical ways such as hand distressing, by local experienced Denim craftsmen.



Our swing tags are made from recycled card. In fact we have designed these for you to keep and reuse as a Bookmark. Peel off the sticker (specially chosen for its ease of removal) and you have a beautiful memento of a young girls life you have personally changed.


All of our packaging is made from recycled paper right here in Australia. We encourage you to peel of the address label (purposely chosen for its ease to peel off) and reuse these boxes as gift boxes. 




At Justice we know that a zip is not just a zip. We acknowledge that zips have a major impact on the environment and we are currently working with YKK, a leading manufacturer of fastening products on the sourcing of our zips, buttons, rivets and burrs.

YKK has developed a Global Criteria of Compliance, based on a philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness” and the ISO26000 guidelines, formulated to embody its contribution to a sustainable society through YKKs core business.


We understand that many of our earth loving customers are also vegans so we offer Vegan Leather labels for our vegan friends. 

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